Amazon’s New Feature — FBA Satellite Storage

Amazon's New Feature -- FBA Satellite Storage

For Amazon sellers, 2021 will be a year of many challenges, especially amazon’s multi-dimensional adjustment in warehousing and logistics. First inventory restrictions, followed by cost adjustment, the second half of the year is some sites out of warehouse. Before the peak season, Amazon has a new action, released a new function — FBA satellite warehouse.

What is the FBA satellite bay?

Amazon satellite warehouse is amazon global logistics overseas warehouse project STAR. STAR, short for Amazon Global Logistics Overseas Warehouse Project, is a one-stop warehousing solution covering cross-border transportation, storage and automatic replenishaing to operation center. The short answer is Amazon’s own overseas warehouses.

What does it do for the seller? I believe this is what most sellers care about.

First, STAR can automatically replenish goods to the FBA warehouse in the operation center, which can save some labor costs in FBA warehouse storage for most sellers and reduce part of the burden of sellers.

The second is cost savings. Compared with direct delivery to FBA warehouse, the storage cost can be reduced by about 47%~63%, which is not a small cost for sellers with a certain scale. Replenishment from STAR to FBA will not incur additional costs, nor will there be excess costs due to overstocking in the operation center.

Easy to operate, Amazon will process the request from STAR replenishment to FBA warehouse within 1~7 days.

Advance sales are supported. Sellers who use FBA all know that they cannot sell the goods before they are put into the FBA warehouse. However, if they use STAR, if the stock in FBA is sold out but there is stock in STAR, they can search or purchase in advance.

It seems to have many benefits, and there must be a seller’s heart. How can I get the qualification of STAR?

There are prerequisite conditions for using Amazon satellite warehouse STAR, which is currently only available in the United States. That is to say, if the account registration site is in Europe or Southeast Asia, it cannot be used. Secondly, only AGL sellers apply for the project whitelist through the customer manager can they get access to the project.

If the seller has the above conditions, we can understand the STAR storage costs together.

Monthly storage fees for goods stored in the warehouse will be charged by Amazon FBA Satellite Warehouse (STAR) starting October 2021:

January to September: $0.4 / cubic foot/month

October to December: $0.9 / cubic foot/month