How does Amazon Charge for FBA Goods

How does Amazon Charge for FBA Goods

There are several aspects of FBA fees

Storage fees, order handling fees, sorting and packaging fees, weighing and handling fees and other fees that are not commonly used.

FBA fees =FulfillmentFees(implementation fees)+MonthlyStorageFees +InventoryPlacement Service

FulfillmentFees =OrderHandling +Pick&Pack +Weight Handling

Order handling is charged per piece. Order handling fee (standard items) : $1.00/ PCS in the US station, 0.82 pounds/PCS in the UK station, 1.38 euros in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

The sorting, packing and weighing charges are charged according to the size and weight of the goods.

Other charges are for personalized services such as labeling, shipping, destruction, special packaging, etc.