Predictions for the hottest toys for Christmas are out

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays for children.
It is the time of year when children receive gifts from Santa Claus and toys are also popular. In 2019, Christmas was disrupted by a general strike in France, and in 2020, it was overshadowed by the pandemic. This Christmas season, parents are hoping to give their children a “real” Christmas.

The French Toy Association and the NPD Group revealed the Toy sales trends for Christmas 2021 at the 9th Annual Stars Toy show. Sales of Toys in France are expected to grow during the 2021 Christmas period, despite continuing supply chain problems.

According to NPD Group’s global toy industry experts, toy product sales from the beginning of the year through the end of September were up 22 percent compared to the same period in 2020, and even compared to pre-pandemic levels, they are up 6.3 percent. In-store sales of toy products increased 7% compared to 2020, and online sales also increased year over year.

According to the NPD Group, Christmas 2021 will be filled with colorful toy offerings. Building blocks (up 10 per cent) and board games and jigsaw puzzles (up 22 per cent) have been growing over the past 18 months and are expected to continue to dominate over the Christmas period. Meanwhile, out-of-the-box toys, collectibles, plush toys, make-believe kitchen toys and children’s products will also energize toy sales for Christmas 2021.