Barriers Quality Check Service

2.Quantity check
3.Material check
4.Function test
5.Pull test
6.Brute force test
8.Consistency test
9.Assembly test

Glass Cup Quality Inspection

1.Logo/Printing 3M Tape test
2.Water Leakage test
3.Volume test
4.High temperature test
5.Balance test
6.Hot and cold shock test
7.Rocking on flatness surface
8.Basic function check (Functions on product specification work )
9.Pour water function test
10.Gap check <0.5mm Check

Tile tiling Quality Control Inspection Service

1.Hi-pot check(G-II)
2.Basic function check(G-II)
3.Accessories check(G-II)
4.Smell check(G-II)
5.Full function check(S-3)
6.Internal check
7.Charging time test
8.Discharging time test(no load)
9.No-load speed test
10.Adaptor output current voltage test
11.Power test
12.Noise test
13.Rub test
14.Tape test
15.Battery voltage check after fully charged
16.Application check
17.Barcode scan test
18.Carton drop test

Electric Sprayer Quality Control

1.Logo/Printing 3M Tape test
2.Basic function check (Functions on product specification work )
3.Barcode Scan
4.Battery and charging test
5.Capacity check
6.Water spray test
7.Shoulder straps and cap load test
8.Noise level check
9.Residual liquid check

Coffee Cup Full Quality Check

1.Logo/Printing 3M Tape test
2.Capacity test
3.Flatness check
4.Washing test
5.Microwave test
6.Humidity check
7.Cup flatness check
8.Cup hot water washing test

Bluetooth Wireless Headset Check

1.Logo/Printing 3M Tape test
2.Basic function check (Functions on product specification work )
3.Battery capacity test
4.Charging test
5.Discharge test
6.Bluetooth connection
7.Bluetooth connection Distance 10 meters test
8.Phone connection function test
9.Siri function test
10.Battery voltage check
11.Inner check

Party Rack Final Quality Inspection Service

1.Logo/Printing 3M Tape test
3.Basic function check (Functions on product specification work )
4.Barcode Scan
5.Odor test
6.Pull Test
7.Measurement of product
8.Material check
10.Completeness of the body

Ice Bucket Full Quality Check

2.Quantity check
3.Carton dropping test
4.Material check
5.3M Tape test
6.Logo/Printing 3M Tape test
7.Rubbing test
8.Charging test
9.Discharge test
10.Internal check