How to control the quality of mechanical processing parts

Nowadays, machining requires group cooperation to achieve the professional level of production technology. In this way, machining requires more outsourcing cooperation between manufacturers, but the quality of outsourced machining parts will directly affect the overall quality of the workpiece.Therefore, the management and control of outsourced processing is very important for mechanical processing. So how should the quality of outsourced processing be controlled?

How to control the quality of mechanical processing parts

1. Select outsourced manufacturers with better quality systems

At present, the quality management level of most mechanical processing manufacturers is still in the initial stage. There is no process and regular control. Such manufacturers will lack a comprehensive and systematic process of analysis, sorting, and resolution when there is a problem with an external work piece. Summarizing and solving related problems will cause many problems to recur and affect the quality of processing. Therefore, choosing a subcontracting manufacturer with a better quality system can avoid these problems to a certain extent.

2. The technical requirements of the workpiece must be accurately marked

When the workpiece is submitted to the subcontractor for processing, it is necessary to provide the clearly prepared drawings and related technical requirements documents to the subcontractor to inform them of the uncertain factors that may be encountered in the processing, so that the subcontractor can be informed in more detail. Technical requirements for workpiece processing, thereby reducing errors due to information transmission errors and improving the quality of the workpiece.

How to control the quality of mechanical processing parts

3. Choose a strong outsourcing vendor

When choosing a subcontractor, please do not choose a weak professional subcontractor in order to reduce costs. If you only choose the subcontractor to check the price without comparing the strength of the subcontractor, you do n’t know whether the subcontractor is clear. With relevant mechanical processing equipment and core technical personnel, this may cause the quality of outsourced machining parts cannot be guaranteed.

4. Establish effective information feedback

When abnormal quality is found during the machining process, if the information is not fed back in time, the abnormality is analyzed, sorted out, and related solutions are formulated, this may cause the workpieces to fail in large quantities and cause serious losses.

5.Speeding up network to provide solutions

At present, many of the mechanical processing on the market are still in the initial stage, the technical level and management level are not high, and there is no perfect quality management system. This will have a serious impact on the quality of outsourced machining parts. The quality of co-processed parts must first select a strong external contract manufacturer, Quick Add Network, and position it on the intelligent manufacturing cloud platform. The essence is to integrate the idle capacity of a large number of manufacturing factories and equipment distributed throughout the country. Comprehensive utilization of integrated capabilities, collaboration capabilities, and management capabilities; provide personalized, customized, and intelligent flexible processing solutions. From the processing feasibility analysis of drawings to automatic quotation by the system to intelligently matching the most suitable processing plants, the processing progress of each part is tracked in real time. Quality control mechanism of triple quality inspection (production inspection, factory quality inspection, quick-up quality inspection), customized packaging and postponed delivery mechanism, free after-sale mechanism for repair or reprocessing, thus ensuring the reliability of outsourcing.


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