5 steps to conduct during a Container Loading Supervision

What is Container Loading Supervision(CLS):

-This service is offered at the manufacturer’s premises,warehouse or forwarder during containerization usually after a Pre Shipment Inspection or Final Random Inspection.The Container Loading Supervision will take place right before the vendor/manufacturer is supposed to load the goods inside the container and also during the loading process.

Why do buyers need to conduct Container Loading Supervision(CLS):

Because you don’t want your goods to be improperly loaded in a humid container with broken cartons and broken products.Save time and money and secure your imports with our CLS, while keeping pressure on your vendor to push for continual quality.

-Ensure your products are transported in the appropriate conditions.
-Verify the right goods are loaded into the containers (no substitution).
-Guarantee you receive the total order quantity at the destination.
-Confirm your products are packaged and shipped as per conditions stated on the sales contract.

5 Steps to conduct a Container Loading Supervision (CLS)?

1. Quantity Check

-Check carton stock in warehouse according to the packing list, if any deviation, record the actual on the report.Calculate the quantity of each item by order quantity, shipment quantity, packed quantity, packed cartons, and quantity not finished to ensure the accurate number of products were packed into each export carton.Our quality inspector will also make a brief inspection of the goods.
Container Loading Supervision-Quantity Check

2.Loading condition check

-Record the loading time day or night; Weather or any other special condition. Take photo for any special condition.
Container Loading Supervision-Loading condition check

3.Container Condition check

-All container should be free from damage, broken, dirt, wet; the container number should be legible & correct as shown on specification from shipper. Take photo of whole container view & container No. & empty container inside view.
Container Loading Supervision-Container Condition check

4.Loading Stuff Check

-Check and inspect all cartons stuffed, any wet, damaged, broken or defect package should be replaced or repaired accordingly. Take photo for the first row, 1/4 container, 2/4 container, 3/4 container, full container & the overview when close the right door of container. if the container is not completely filled by cartons, ensure the cartons stacking step by step for buffering to avoid falling off when open the container door, if applicable, a protective net seal at the end is preferred.
Container Loading Supervision-Loading Stuff Check

5.Sealing Check

-Check shipper’s seal No. against to the specification from shipper, ensure the container door is properly closed and sealed by shipper’s seal and other seal if available. Take photos for overview of container closed doors, seals & overview of container before leaving.
Container Loading Supervision-Sealing Check

Loading supervision report

Our Eagle Eyes inspector will produce a full and detailed loading supervision report, together with a photographic record within 24 hours of the inspection allowing you to see the work undertaken. We have a China network of inspectors and can arrange your inspection in China within 24 hours of receiving your request.

Container Loading Supervision is the last opportunity you have to conduct a check for your products and the container will be shipped in. Protect your investment and ensure your cargo will arrive safely at its final destination with a container inspection.