Desumidificador final inspection in shunde city foshan

PSI process for desumidificador product;

Randomly Selected Samples:
AQL sampling inspection is a statistical method that randomly selects a small number of products (samples) from a batch of products for inspection to determine whether the batch of products are qualified.

Desumidificador final inspection

Product quality inspection;
Product workmanship, color, specifications, function, barcode, etc will be checked based on customer’s requirements.

Desumidificador final inspection
Measured data(Product size,Outer Carton size)

Desumidificador final inspectionDesumidificador final inspectionSpecial Special test for desumidificador products.

1.Power test(230V 50Hz) Touch control on panel checking: Functions on product specification work; Standby Power consumption < 1 W.
2.Electrical Safety conpliance Analyzer(1800Vac, 0.5mA, 2Sec; Grounding resistance test — less than 0.1 ohm at 25A).
3.Timer function checking: Time Setting is 00 hour – 1 hour – 24 hours, interval by 1 hour.
4.Smart Mode: automatic adjustment of the humidity comfort level to 55%.
5.Humidistat selected between 35-80% check
6.Humidity indicator check
7.Intelligent defrost check
8.Tank full alarm check
9.Stability test
10.Power cord pull force testing:10kg
11.Markings durability test(3M Tape test & 95% Alcohol rubbing test)
12.Barcode Scan
13.Life test(4 hours)
14.UV light check
15.Auto swing function
16.Drop test
17.Roller test(4 wheels testing)
18.Carry handle
19.Tank capacity
20.Overheating protection Test
21.Water leakages check
22.Moisture removal and air volume test
23.Air purifier function check
24.Internal check
25.Speed measure(620±50 r/,min) 230V
Desumidificador final inspectionPacking check(color box,out cartons.)

Checking whether the package is fit for transport and meets customer requirements

Desumidificador final inspection

Inspection Report
Once the pre-shipment inspection is completed, a report will be provided within 24 hours, an overview of key findings, and a detailed account of the inspection results. All the original photos, videos, original testing data are contained, so you can see exactly what was discovered.