Dongguan loading supervision

A. The meaning of supervision

That is, the goods should be arranged for loading, because the workers are not trusted to load, we must arrange people to the loading site to watch the workers loading.? To prevent the workers from damaging the goods by loading them carelessly. The other side
The face can be photographed, so that your customers know the integrity of this product, but also a kind of evidence. Our products must be supervised by someone, in addition to preventing the workers from damaging the goods, on the other hand
Make sure the goods are square.

B. Supervise the installation process

The goods into the warehouse notice to the logistics company where the goods are, to the destination, find the person in charge, and then the person in charge will arrange someone to take you to the warehouse where the goods are stored, arrange the stevedores to start loading box. If the goods hit the pallet, to tell the relevant person in charge, arrange to hit the pallet. Photos should be taken during the packing process. The actual operation is relatively simple, not that complicated, but
There are a few caveats.

C. The matters to pay attention to supervision

1. Open the box and pat the whole box with the bottle.
2. If the goods have pallets, take photos of the pallets.
3. Our goods are easy to be pressed. We can’t put anything else on them.
4. After the goods are loaded into the cabinet, open the doors on both sides of the cabinet and take a picture of the front side.
5. Open the left door of the cabinet, close the right door, and take a picture.
6. Pat the bar code on the cabinet seal.
The picture above. Make sure it’s clear.