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100% defects sorting service

The purpose of the 100% Defect Sorting service is to sort out as many products as possible that have been known issues (ex: general appearance, workmanship, functions, safety and other problems.) during the number of inspection man-days allocated. And other checks will not be done during this inspection.

This service ensures each piece of finished products meets specified quality requirements that from customer. Usually, the requirements is a shorter list and provided by customer, to make sure the 100% sorting work can be done in a faster and effective way.  Sorting Inspection puts one engineer and serveral inspectors onsite perform to 100% inspection for one or some workday, to ensure each piece can meet client’s requirement, all defect ones will be sort out.

Why You Need 100% Defects Sorting Inspection:
If the goods is expensive or very important, you cannot afford any risk of defects, you can use the sorting inspection to make sure all shipping goods are upto standard.

What is the benefit of the 100% Defect Sorting Inspection Service?
This service will help you to sort out the bad products from the good ones. It's also an efficient way for you to check if your factory has reworked the products as requested and check the percentage of defects in your shipment.

Why should I book this 100% Defects Sorting Service:
After a FAILED inspection, instead of sending back the inspector to simply make a Re-inspection, you can send back inspectors to focus on a few points and on opening as many cartons as possible (within the allocated number of man days) in order to sort out as many defective items as possible.
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