Factory Audit Report/ Factory Evaluation:

Section 1: Company Overview
Section 2: Management
Section 3: Production Capacity
Section 4: Quality Assurance
Section 5: Production Process Management
Section 6: R & D Capacity
Section 7: Company Development/Expansion Plans
Section 8: Certification & Photos

(Please note we are not illustrating with the same factory)

1: Company Overview
  Factory Audit Company Overview
2: Management
Factory Eveluation Management
3: Production Capacity
 Factory Audit Production Capacity
Factory Audit Production Capacity
4: Quality Assurance
 Factory Eveluation Quality Assurance
5: Production Process Management
Factory Audit Production Process Management
6: R & D Capacity
Factory Eveluation R & D Capacity

7: Company Development/Expansion Plans
Factory Audit Company Development/Expansion Plans
8: Certification & Photos

Factory Eveluation Certification & Photos

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