Sea freight drop, set off the tide of delivery, before the festival sell just around the corner

Sea freight has been high for a long time this year, freighter, container tension, coupled with high freight, make sellers at a loss.

Due to the epidemic in some foreign regions, the implementation of epidemic prevention and containment measures, local factories shut down, so that part of the production and manufacturing orders back to China, but due to the domestic energy resources shortage, the government in South and east China launched “electricity restrictions”, has been the crazy rise in sea freight began to cool down.

Entering October, the sea freight fell obviously, it is understood that the sea freight from Asia to the United States is reduced from thirty thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars, which is undoubtedly a good news for the majority of sellers.

And previously because of the high sea freight and cargo ship tension caused by the backlog of goods has gradually been eased, it is understood that since the sea freight dropped, especially in Zhejiang Yiwu, factory shipments continue, even set off a “tide of shipment”.

In the past every year in October, is the shipping season, this year is no exception, “black Five” and “double holy festival” to increase orders, now falling freight also make many businesses out of the sea freight restrictions, shipments increased. The sea freight drops, the congestion problem of the West American seaport is gradually eased, the anxiety of sellers is alleviated, and now the festival is getting closer and closer, and the big sale of holiday goods this year is just around the corner.