Different kinds of drone Inspection:

Based on number of propellers:

Drone with three propellers –called Tricopter 
Drone with four propellers – called Quadrocopter

Based on their size to:

nano drones
mini drones
regular size drones
large drones

Categorized by their range:

Very close range drones
close range drones
short range drones
mid-range drones
endurance drones

Based on their equipment, drones can be categorized to:

Drone with camera
Drone with stabilizers
Drone with or without GPS
FPV birds with one FPV glasses

China drone inspection-drone quality control:camera,GPS qc
common factors for drone quality control:

Appearance check
Quantity check
Packing check
Function test
Internal Components Check
Taking photo test
Card read test
Fly time test
Fly range test
Charging test 
Voltage check

china drone quality control

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