Different kinds of second hand machine inspection:

second hand Wheel Loader
second hand plastic recycling machine
Used Italy Shoe Machine
second hand equipment brunswick bowling machines
second hand - rebuilt leather machinery
second hand rolling shutter door machin
Used China shoe machine
used sewing machine
Used back heel moulding machine
second hand machine used water jet cutting machine
second hand machine for socks setting machine
Second hand shoe sole machine
second hand gabion machine
second hand filling machine

Some common factors for 2nd hand crane earth moving machines quality control:


1.appearance check
2.components check
3.part models check
4.defects check
5.running test, shot a video
6.check the mode(N/A)
7.vehicle driving operation situation
8.Run tests using simulated production
9.Because the contract is not completely signed, suppliers have not fully fixed the vehicles,
10.such as: body, cab,  etc. Those must be fixed before shipment
11.All the lights need maintenance
12.Supplier not supply any documents like operation instructions, ownership certificate etc.
13.Product has no oil spills.
14.There is no obvious replacement parts
15.Could not open Gearbox to check.  NO obvious cracks and welding issues found.
16.Weight of the test load

2nd hand crane earth moving machines quality control

second hand machine inspection


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