1.Different kinds of plush toys quality inspection:
Stuffed Plush toys
Velvet stuffed Plush toys
T/C cloth stuffed Plush toys
Hippo Plush toys
Penguin Plush toys
Tom and jerry Plush toys
Snowman Plush toys
Parrot Plush toys
Mickey mouse Plush toys
Angry birds plush toys
Teddy bears Plush toys
Tiger Plush toys
Children cartoon Plush toys

Plush toys inspection-Plush toys quality control:stuffed toy

2.Some common factors for plush toys quality control:
1.Apprearance quality:the surface of the product shouldn’t have visible defects(dirty mark,Poor embroidered ,Thread end,etc)
3.Workmanship:defective list
4.Carton drop test
5.Rub test
6.Measurement :size & weight
7.Pull test
9.Barcode test
10.Basic function test 
11.Needle test
12.Smell test
CHINA Plush toys inspection:animal Plush toys-Stuffed Plush toys-children cartoon Plush toys


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