During Production Inspection(DPI):

During Production Inspection(DPI), also commonly called In-Production Inspection (IPI), will identify any issues early in the manufacturing cycle. In manufacturing, issues arise constantly and for various reasons. The key to ensuring issues don’t become catastrophic events is catching them early.

It usually takes place when the production reaches approximately 20% to maximum 50% of the total order quantity. Eagle Eyes team will perform a close follow up of the production status with your factory in order to make sure we send the inspector at the right time.It allows implementation of corrective actions when mass production is launched and before it is too late. All the aspects of a regular quality inspection are covered: product appearance (AQL), workmanship quality, size measurements, weight check, functionality assortment, accessories, labeling & logos, packaging, packing and other tests and special requirements, depending on the product and the export market.

China During Production Inspection-In-Production Inspection

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