Different kinds of Faucet quality inspection:

faucet body 
handle (cold ,hot)
mixed water inlet
hot water inlet
cold water inlet
basin deck
rubber washer
mounting washer
tightening screw nut
red stell braided hose
blue steel braided hose
socket wernch
triangle valve
outlet hose
inlet hose
self-tapping screw
philips driver
AC power line
inductive wire BNC
Inductive sensor detector wire
shower head
simple faucet
basin faucet
bathtub mixer
kitchen faucet
shower mixer

bidet mixer
self-closing delay
thermostatic faucet
Bath Tub and shower Sets(faucets)
Waterfall faucet/tap     
Solid brass construction         
thermostatic taps                

faucet quality inspection

Some common factors to check for Faucet quality control:

Appearance: Hose, rubber gasket material color according to the sample , the surface without break, defects, color difference and dirt

Thread coordination:

1. specification is correct, type of thread no dent, broken tooth;

2. hose after screwing in the base screw hole, screwing in smoothly and to cooperate with precision.

3. two screw holes and curved foot bath crock bibcock screw installation smoothly and to cooperate with precision

4.Accessories according to the provisions of the packing details or sample type, specification and quantity

5.The installation surface flatness

water faucet quality control

Faucets switch:

1. The handle is light, smooth, no jam, handle is connected to the valve stem and firm, not loose when assembled

2. handle bibcock with up and down throw characteristics, from the start bit bottom to top, biggest handle in the open to the maximum Angle, the handle of the bottom can't touch the subject coating surface; 

3. faucet handle, with left and right sides is symmetrical rotation characteristics under the condition of the open the hot and cold water valve core, the rotation Angle should be symmetrical distribution, Angle error of less than 5 °.


Water press test
Barcode scaning

Air pressure                                                        
Assembly check

shower head inspection


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