Different kinds of Female underwear quality inspection:

Female underwear: household work underwear, evening wear, underwear, sports underwear

1.Deeply,truly,fully  2. Female  3. Slimwaist  4. Elegant   5. Partycolours  6. Starlet  7. Fire and brimstone  8. Ultralight  9. Skin 10. Sporty 11. Glamour  12.  Relaxed

According to the people:
1. The adolescent women :Underwear functions as: protective and bracket (comfortable, absorb sweat, auxiliary shape initial chest) AA series, the vest is surrounded.

2. Youth women:Underwear functions as: protective and beautification (decoration, increase the aesthetic feeling.Lace of gel series, the series of light able.

3. The middle-aged women: The effect of underwear for: protective and cultivate one's morality.The cup type, medium, heavy able series.

4. Older women

According to the function points:The effect of underwear for: protective and health care.No rims and light able series.

According to the functional underwear classified as:Orthopedic underwear: able to series of products, also known as the basis of underwear.

Health underwear: also known as functional underwear

Special wax, lace, decoration underwear: women to enhance underwear unique attraction

Sexy lingerie:
Lingerie according to the design can be classified as: interest uniforms, SM, garters, jumpsuits, toning, exposed breasts, interest dresses, fun underwear, etc

Female underwear inspection-Bra/Sexy lingerie quality control

Some common factors for Female underwear quality control

1.Cloth: draperies, lace, foil, lining and so on in the positive and negative fabrics must be exactly the same as that of customer-supplied samples;

2. Linen finish: The texture of fabric and lace pattern must be consistent with the technical sample;

3. Color : One product of different pieces, the color difference should not exceed the prescribed scope if these colors are the same, if they are different colors, The match between positive and negative shall conform to the requirements of the sample, the color difference should not exceed the prescribed scope ;

4. Symmetric: all product requirements, including color, decorative pattern, size, the length of Angle and others should be basic consistent.

5. Flat: product seams, ruffled, stretching part, should not appear on the surface of the waves, fluffy, double-fold eyelid, twisted lines, rough Suit phenomenon (unless technology has special requirements)

6. Bottom: the product surface mulch, should not see the inner clamp/rims are covered, such as color, (except products have special requirements)

7. Flowers, to the article, the lattice: when the product is composed of checkered, wang and the fabric such as decorative pattern, between the different work piece should be paid attention to the stitching of the mutual cooperation, such as the technological requirements of article, the lattice, flowers to wave, must be in accordance with the requirements for process control model for product acceptance;

8. Ironing, should check whether operators according to fabric types adjust the pressing temperature and time is controlled properly, in order to prevent the perm hair yellow, laser, such as death mark bad work, ironed when bonding substrate, shall ensure that when the glue is good, should not appear bubbles, twisting, and so on and so forth;

9.Skew: shall ensure that product of collocation between the parts and position properly and shall conform to the requirements of the sample and visual beauty;

10.Elastic: with wave tooth cap is not permitted in the cultural root of tooth, dew bud affect the appearance of uneven and other problems

11.Fabric: printing, weaving, full dyeing, no has ooze color, a color, model, color, color of Yin and Yang, decoloring, yarn knot, parking fork, spinning, dyeing flowers don't quantity, serious trainspotter, colored yarn, pot-bellied yarn, impurities such as defects.

12.Cleanliness:Stains - product surface shall have no obvious oily be soiled, water be soiled, perspiration stains, rust stains, blood, color stains, mildew visual aesthetic effect products such as fingerprints;

13.Smell - product can not be send out is not itself inherent odor, odor produced most of the system because in addition to the sweat caused by finishing or pick up a foreign body, such as sweat, gun water, alcohol, kerosene taste, smell, such as oil, aromatic smell;

14.Thrum, product surface shall have no visible not cut net thread, products can be allowed to keep 0.1 CM inside line in MAO, thread need to stay within the dart point 0.5 CM, in case to take off the line;

15.Bump color line, double/single line - Turner when sewing, will have cut the thrum of the heavy sewing into the line mark, or inclusions in the seam allowance and inner products;For color lines are not allowed to have a barge lines

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