Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI) also Called Final Random Inspection(FRI):

Usually when at least 80% or 100% of the products are ready, through a statistical method set by industry standards, we will sample products to verify product safety, quantity, workmanship, function, color, size, packing, and more. This ensures that your product is consistent and compliant with all country, industry, or otherwise-specified requirements and that no critical major or minor defects appear.

China Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI)- China Final Random Inspection(FRI)

Pre-shipment inspection Timing:

Final Random Inspection(FRI) is always conducted when the goods is 100% produced and 80% packed into master cartons at least (if there is more than one item, at least 80% of each item must be packed into master cartons) prior to inspector’s arrival.  It is set default as inspection condition.

Some clients require Final Random Inspection(FRI) when the consignment is above 80% produced and 80% packed.

Some clients require Final Random Inspection(FRI) when the consignment is 100% produced and 100% packed.

It is suggested Pre-shipment inspection should happen at least 2 days before loading date, so clients have time to review the report and the problems found during the inspection can be remedied by factory before shipment.

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