Safety helmet quality inspection:head protection,crash helmet,safety headpiece

Different kinds of safety helmet quality inspection:
head harness
head guard
safety armet,morion
safety headgear
plastic safety helmet
fire safety helmet
serpent safety helmet
adult safety helmet
canvas helmet
bicycle helmet
industrial safety helmet
flashlights helmet
full face helmet
open face helmet
half face helmet
AB helmet
Safety helmet inspection-head helmet quality control:head protection,crash helmet,safety headpiece

Some common factors for safety helmet quality control:
1.Appearance quality:the surface of the product shouldn’t have visible defects(dirty mark,Scratches,dent,rust etc)
3.Workmanship:defective list
4.Accessories check (Shell, buffer layer, comfortable pad, peja wearing device, goggles)
5.Wearing test
6.Measurement :size & weight (lace-up connecting length)
7.Logo test
9.Safety performance test (Hardness)
10.Basic function test 


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