100 percent inspection full check service

100 percent inspection full check service is commonly used to avoid shipping nonconforming product. Each of the items produced is measured and judged to be either conforming or nonconforming. The conforming items get shipped, and the nonconforming items get set aside for use as factory-authorized replacement parts or some other equally ignominious fate.

The quality of goods are checked unit by unit, which covers product description, style & color, workmanship, quality, function, label, package, size measurement etc, to make sure 100% of the goods meet your specified quality requirement.

100% inspection(full inspection) is needed when:

1> The produces have high value or complicated internal structure

2> The produces are crucial parts, like seals used in plane/motor etc

3> The produces are poor quality in last shipment, client emphasizes in quality control process

4> 100% inspection takes much time/cost, is quite expensive, it is practically used when the order dispacth is smaller.

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