Different kinds of Plastic packaging bags quality inspection:

1.According to the composite form : single composite grade plastic bags and plastic bags. Single-layer plastic bags, and more to PE plastic film mainly, but also sealing grade BOPP.

2.According to the function of packaging: Common-shaped packaging and specialty packaging. For example: compound sack in three package: BOPP / PET / PE, BOPP / WMPET / PE, BOPP / PE can be used for most packaging, such as jujube bags, brown sugar bags, spices bags, bags of dried fruit, candy bags, bags duck, chicken packaging bags, packaging bags, etc. most of chicken products such packaging materials can be used.

3. Special packaging bags is also relatively more :

1) such as bags of rice , millet bags, seed bags , pet bags grains , if more than 2kg , built using BOPA / PE or PET / BOPA / PE, BOPA has a strong the tensile resistance , high oxygen barrier properties and soft texture.

2) high-temperature cooking bags : bags , including spiced corned egg , the chicken bags, the bags duck , roast pigeon in the bags, packaging bags inside the chicken cooked bags, multi-use BOPA / RCPP adopted because BOPA and RCPP have high temperature resistance , high temperature at 121 ° 7.30 min , 131 degrees, 30 minutes in high temperature , no problem . Customers also have to reflect the grade packaging products , will use BOPA / AL / RCPP.

 3) chemical products packaging bags : bags , including pesticides , chemical corrosion product packaging bags , the use of PET / BOPA / AL / CPP, but because of its corrosion-resistant plastic composite , but still has some CPP breathable , long use , if CPP contacted by corrosive liquid glue corrosion may cause delamination. The company developed a new product , the seal layer using corrosion-resistant coating materials , can withstand a variety of corrosive liquids , and through no glue lamination, will not cause delamination , the widely used pesticide packaging and various corrosive liquid packaging.

 4) washing products : liquid laundry detergent bags and stand-up pouches with spout , washing
powder bags mainly BOPP / milky PE mainly, but also a customer using BOPP / PET / PE milky

According to the shape of the bag: Independence bags, zipper self-pocketed, side sealing zipper bag, standing pouch with spout, shaped bags, ordinary side sealing, back sealing pillow-shaped bags, five-sided seal, sealed bags

Some common factors to check:

1. plastic surface is clean, no damage, relaxation, and foreign body attached no delaminating and other abnormal conditions.
2. plastic bag has good transparency, surface smooth, no pleats, no obvious "jin".
3. no adhesion between bag and bag.
4. open sex is good, easy to unravel.
5. plastic bags not leak pincer-like device open mouth filled with air, mouth up, trueshot plastic bags, plastic bags may not appear broken pincer-like device.
6. cutting cutting and tidy, with a burr is not allowed.
7. printing picture word clear, depth is consistent, the printing color is not the hole, coloring and firm, accurate location, with the contents stipulated in the order drawings or revision, color and size requirements.

plastic bags quality inspection


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