Eye glasses quality inspection:reading glasses,eye glass frames,wood/bamboo sun glasses
Different kinds of glasses:
reading glasses,Glasses stock lot eye glass frames,wood bamboo sun glasses,sun glasses,color party glasses , pinhole glasses , funky party glasses,Man's Double Injection Sports Glasses
Glasses inspection:reading glasses,eye glass frames,wood bamboo sun glasses
Some common factors for eyeglasses quality control:
1-Appearance: no indentations, broken, scratch, distortion, rust, crack, etc defects
3.Workmanship:defective list
4.measurement :size & weight
5.Barcode test
6.Logo 3M Tape test
8.Basic function test 
9.Check the parts
10.Shape check
11.Wearing test

eyeglasses quality control -The alignment of the sunglasses checking
eyeglasses quality control -Temple &frame flexible test

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