Different kinds of tea quality inspection:

White tea
Green Tea
Black Tea
Yellow Tea
Jasmine tea
Puer Tea
Olong Tea
Blooming tea
Organic Tea
Double chamber tea bags
Single-chamber tea bags
Nylon pyramid tea bags
Tea Powder
Nylon pyramid tea bags
Jasmine tea
Dark tea
Tea seed
Business Gifts Tea
Healthy Tea
pyramid tea bag
loose tea

Some common factors to check for tea quality control:

particle size
Inspection of loading and discharge of tea cargos.
Tea cargo weight and quantity verification.
Inspection of tea loading discharge and storage of facilities.
Representative sampling of tea for lab tests.
Certification of tea quantity and quality
Truck inspection
Physical assessment of tea.
Chemical assessment of tea.
Entomological assessment of tea and spices.
Essential oil testing.
Aflatoxin testing.
Microbiological analysis.
Pesticide residue testing.
Related testing.
FDA compliant analysis

tea quality inspection-tea quality control


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