Different kinds of aluminum alloy quality inspection:

Aluminum Ingot
Aluminum oxide
Hydrogen alumina
Electrolyse aluminum
Aluminum plating
Aluminum board/plate/sheet
Aluminum embossed sheet
Colored aluminum plate
Pure aluminum plate
Clad aluminium
Duralumin sheet
Aluminum alloy for temper
Aluminum copper alloy
Aluminum base alloy
Aluminum iron alloy
Aluminum magnesium alloy
Aluminum nicikel alloy
Aluminum slicon alloy
Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
Aluminum brass
Aluminum bronze
Aluminum brick
Aluminum alloy sections
Aluminum alloy wire
Aluminum profile
Aluminum stick/rod
Aluminum round bar
Aluminum foil
Aluminum roll
Aluminum strip
Aluminum thread
Aluminum cable steel reinforcing
Aluminum pipe/tube
Finishing aluminum tube
Extension aluminum tube
Extruded aluminum pipe
Aluminium cell lightning arrester
Ectruded aluminum sill
Aluminium ramps
Bended aluminium tube
Seamless aluminum pipe
Aluminum plastic board
Aluminum ceiling
Aluminum absorbent ceiling
Aluminium flooring profiles
Aluminum curtain wall
Aluminium ware
Aluminum unit
Aluminum wafer
Aluminum casting
Aluminum forge
Aluminum cover
Aluminum trunk
Aluminum stairs
Aluminum powder
Aluminum ceramics
Aluminum doors and windows
Aluminium scrap
Sheet aluminium
Aluminium scutcheon
Alumingum rivet
Aluminum wheel spider/hub
Aluminum shutter
Aluminum foil products
Virgin aluminum
Aluminum beam
Iron separator
Vibration sieve
Smelting flux
Eeliminate magnesium flux
Alumina-bearing material

aluminum alloy quality inspection

Some common factors for aluminum alloy quality control:

1.Material’s specification
3.Hardness inspection when applicable
4.Appearance inspection: appearance, shape
5.Surface electroplating: no oxidation, scratches,and other bad plating phenomenon.

6.Common defects as following:

1)Bending: bending is rolled material.In the length or width is not flat, is in the shape of the curve.
2)Reverse: strip rolling material along the longitudinal axis twisted into a spiral.
3)Surface crack: refers to the metal object surface crack
4)Fold:It is the metal in the process of hot rolling or forging forming of a kind of surface defect, surface or double metal layers, with each other in a straight line or curve.
5)Package:Poor package that could not avoid the pressing or dropping damage.

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