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A>Car filters inspection-filters quality control:oil-air qc
B>Adapter inspection-adapter quality control:Mobile-Notebook
C>Metal detector inspection-security detector quality control
D>Vest inspection- vest quality control:Reflective Safety Vest qc
E>Inflatable Games inspection-Inflatable Games quality control
F>Air purifier inspection-Air purifier quality control:car,home
G>Yoga Mats inspection-Yoga-Roller quality control
H>Bedspread inspection-Bedspread quality control
I> Wireless charger inspection-wireless charger quality control
J> Thermos bottle inspection-Thermos bottle quality control:Sports,Children 
H>Drone inspection-drone quality control:camera,GPS qc
I> Mosquito killer inspection-Mosquito killer quality control:trap,lamp
J>Treadmill inspection-treadmill quality control
K>Car wiper inspection-vehicle wiper quality control: window wiper qc
L>Cleaning brush inspection-cleaning brush quality control:Dust brush,Tableware brush
M>Wine bag inspection-Wine bag quality control:gift bag 
N>Swimming goggles inspection-swimming goggles quality control
O>Mosquito swatter inspection-bug swatter quality control-fly QC
P>Microphone inspection-Microphone quality control:Clip
Q>Basket inspection-basket quality control:Bamboo,Grass,Rattan
R>Thermometer inspection-Thermometer quality control:Mercury
S>Posture corrector inspection-posture corrector quality control
T>Car washer inspection-vehicle washer quality control
U>Trophy inspection-Trophy quality control:Metal-resin-glass
V>Screwdriver inspection-Screwdriver quality control:Phillips
W>Mosquito net inspection-Mosquito net quality control
X> Car bumper inspection-car bumpers quality control:Vehicle
Y> Refrigerator inspection-refrigerator quality control-fridge QC
Z> Hearing aid inspection-Hearing aid quality control:BTE,ITE
A1> China Ice cream machine inspection-quality control check
B1> 3D VR box inspection-3D VR box quality control
C1> Spinner inspection-spinner quality control:steel,plastic qc
D1> Plastic film inspection-PET film quality control:BOPP,LDPE
E1> Cat scratch frame inspection-Cat post quality control-rope
F1> Badge inspection-Badge quality control:Painting,Stamp,Metal
G1> Cartridge inspection-cartridge quality control All-in-one-QC
HI> Writing tablet inspection-Writing Tablet quality control:lcd,LED
I1> E-Bike inspection-electric bicycle quality control
J1> Car Cushion inspection-seat mat quality control:pillow
K1> Christmas gift box inspection-Xmas gift box quality control
L1> Christmas soldier inspection-Xmas soldier quality control
M1> Christmas Inflatable items inspection:pumpkin,deer,snowman
O1>Santa Clause Costume inspection-Santa Clause Costume qc
P1> Christmas LED lights inspection-xmas LED decoration qc
Q1> Christmas tree inspection-Xmas tree quality control
R1> Christmas Kid Toy inspection-Christmas Toy quality control
S1> Christmas animal inspection-Xmas animal quality control
T1> Christmas figure inspection-Xmas figure quality control
U1> Halloween mask inspection-mask quality control:animal,character
V1> Gas stove inspection-Gas stove quality control
W1> Hammocks inspection-Hammock quality control:outdoor,yoga
X1> CNC Machine inspection and CNC Machine quality control 
Y1> Table tennis racket inspection-Table tennis racket quality control
Z1> Waist support band inspection-waist support band quality control 
A2> Multimedia Speaker inspection-Speakers quality control
B2> Wine decanter inspection-wine glass quality control:water cup
C2> Floor mat inspection-floor mat quality control:indoor mat
D2> Plunger inspection:Toilet Plunger quality control,mini pump
E2> Silicone inspection-silicone quality control:bowl,cup,shovel
F2> Bamboo furniture inspection-Bamboo furniture quality control

G2>  Children Toy inspection-children toy quality control
H2> Humidifier inspection-Humidifier quality control:Ultrasonic,Thermal
I2>  Toilet light inspection-Toilet light quality control:battery light, plug-in light 
J2>  Telescope inspection-Telescope quality control;Binocular qc
K2> Fridge Magnet inspection-Shelf magnet quality control
L2> Porcelain Tile inspection-ceramic Tile quality control
M2>Safety shoes inspection-safety shoes quality control
N2>TV box inspection-TV box quality control:One-way TV box,Two-way TV box,IPTV box
O2> Pilates circle inspection-Pilates circle quality control
P2> Car monitor inspection-Car monitor quality control standard
Q2> Mobile phone inspection-Android cell phone QC
R2> Jeans inspection-jeans quality control:men,ladies,boy
S2> Steel pipe inspection-Steel pipe quality control: Hot rolled-Cold rolled
T2> Bathroom cabinet inspection-Bathroom cabinet quality control
U2> Suit inspection-suit quality control:Men,Ladies,business suit qc
V2> French press inspection-French press quality control
W2>Safe box inspection-Safe box quality control:Fire safe
X2> Baby Bibs inspection-Baby Bibs quality control
Y2> Computer table inspection-Computer table quality control
Z2> Cart inspection-Cart quality control: Folding cart, hand trolley
A3> Wheelbarrow inspection-wheelbarrow quality control
B3> Gel pen inspection-gel pen quality control:bullet, needle
C3> USB socket inspection-USB socket quality control
D3> Sofa inspection-Sofa quality control:cloth-leather-cinema qc
E3> Lifting machine inspection-Lift quality control 
F3> USB cable inspection-USB cable quality control:MFI lightning
G3>Hanging chair inspection-Hanging chair quality control:Metal
H3>Tablecloth inspection-Tablecloth quality control:linen,pvc
I3> Windshield inspection-Windshield quality control:front, rear
J3> Pizza Oven inspection-Pizza Oven quality control
K3> Awning inspection-Awning quality control:shops,windows
L3> Eyeglasses frame inspection-Eyeglasses frame-quality-control
M3> Aluminum stand inspection-quality control:Laptop PC-Mobile Phone

N3> Egg steamer inspection-egg steamer quality control
O3> Spinning bike inspection-Spinning bike quality control
P3> Motor inspection-motor quality control: Asynchronous motor
Q3> Car changer inspection-car changer quality control
R3> Wireless earphone inspection-wireless earphone quality control
S3> USB hub inspection-USB hub quality control:Powered; Wireless
T3> Hearing aid inspection-hearing aid quality control:ITE, BTE
U3> OIL DIFFUSER inspection-OIL DIFFUSER quality control:Vehicle
V3> POS machine inspection-POS machine-quality-control
W3>Tableware set inspection: Plastic tableware set qc
X3> Stretcher inspection-stretcher quality control: Spine; Leg
Y3> Soybean milk machine inspection-Soybean milk machine qc
Z3> Range hoods inspection-kitchen ventilator quality control
A4> Grinder inspection-grinder quality control:Meat grinder qc
B4> Portable DVD Player inspection-DVD Player quality control
C4> Knife Block set inspection-Knife Block set quality control
D4> Robot sweeper inspection-floor sweeper robot quality control
E4> Cooler bag inspection-cooler bag quality control:canvas,pvc
F4> Child safety seat inspection-safety seat quality control
G4> Abdominal wheel inspection-abdominal wheel quality control 
H4> Armband inspection-Armband quality control:phone,ipad
I4>  Solar panel support inspection-solar mounting frame
J4> Bathrobe inspection-Bathrobe quality control:Cotton,terry
K4> Boot inspection-boot quality control:man,woman,child
L4> Cake mold inspection-Cake mold quality control:Living bottom
M4> Hand dryer inspection-Hand dryer quality control
N4> Underwear inspection-Underwear quality control:cotton-silk
O4> Silicone folding kettle inspection-kettle quality control
P4> Pliers inspection-Pliers quality control:Wire-carp,pattern
Q4> Swab inspection-swab quality control:dust-free; medical
R4> Water purifier inspection-water purifier quality control
S4> Climbing machine inspection-climbing machine quality control
T4> Placemat inspection-Coaster quality control:dining-cup mat
U4> Frozen shrimp inspection-Frozen fish quality control
V4> Wireless bluetooth Earbuds inspection-Earbud quality control
W4> Wooden games inspection-wooden games quality control
X4> Tea set inspection-Tea set quality control:Ceramic,porcelain
Y4> PVC drift sock inspection-drift sock quality control
Z4> Hair straightener inspection-hair iron quality control

A5> Letter board inspection-letter board quality control
B5> USB recorder inspection-USB recorder quality control
C5> COCKTAIL SHAKER SET inspection and quality control
D5> Dog Leash inspection-Dog Leash quality control:Retractable
E5> Air purifying bags inspection-charcoal bags qc
F5> Tool cabinet inspection-Tool cabinet quality control
G5> Wooden barrel inspection-wood barrel quality control
H5> Party set inspection-party set quality control
I5> USB stick inspection-USB stick quality control:USB2.0,USB3.0
J5> Pallet inspection-Pallets quality control: Plastic,wood, metTAL
K5> Menu display inspection-menu display quality control:slant
L5> Lighter inspection-Lighter quality control:Metal lighter
M5> Portable Electric iron quality control inspection
N5> Dining table inspection-Dining table quality control:MDF
O5> Bed sheet inspection-bedsheets quality control:King size
P5> Copper sleeve inspection-Copper sleeve quality-control
Q5> PVC plant inspection-Artificial Flowers quality control
R5> Fruit rack inspection-Fruit basket quality-control: bamboo-wooden
S5> Pet cage inspection-pet cage quality control:Metal, Wooden
T5> Disposable rain poncho inspection-disposable raincoat qc
U5>  Photo albums inspection-Photo-albums-quality-control:metal
V5>  Camouflage net inspection-Camouflage net quantity control
W5> Paper bag inspection-paper bag quality control
X5> Weighted Blanket inspection-Weighted Blanket quality control
Y5> Inflatable Tub inspection-Inflatable Tub quality control

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