Why electronic products need high temperature aging test

Why electronic products need high temperature aging

Main functions: In order to achieve a satisfactory pass rate, almost all products must be aged before leaving the factory. How can manufacturers increase their efficiency without reducing aging time? This article introduces a new approach to functional testing during the aging process to reduce and shorten the cost and time issues associated with the aging process.

In the semiconductor industry, there have been various debates about the aging of devices. Like other products, semiconductors may fail at any time due to various reasons. Aging is to allow defects to appear in a short period of time by overloading the semiconductor to avoid failures early in use. Without aging, many semiconductor products will cause many problems in use due to the complexity of devices and manufacturing processes.

Defects that appear within hours to days after use (depending on the maturity of the manufacturing process and the overall structure of the device) are called early failures. After aging, the device basically requires 100% elimination of failures caused by this time.. The only way to accurately determine the aging time is to refer to previously collected aging failures and failure analysis statistics, and most manufacturers want to reduce or eliminate aging.
The aging process must ensure that the factory’s products meet user requirements for reliability. In addition, it must be able to provide engineering data to improve device performance.

Generally speaking, the aging process uses rigorous tests on semiconductor devices in both the working environment and electrical performance to make faults appear early. Major faults occur at the beginning and the last tenth of the device’s life cycle. Aging is to speed up the operation of the device in the first 10% of its life, forcing early failures to occur in a shorter time, usually hours rather than months or years.

Why electronic products need high temperature aging

Not all semiconductors are classified according to the customer’s product needs:

For example: for drug storage, the name may be called a constant temperature room. For electronic products, automobile meters, energy meters, LCD monitors, industrial meters, mobile phones, etc., the name of the power-on aging screening may be called high-temperature aging room or high-temperature aging screening room. Do inverters, electronic equipment, computer hosts, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, printers, water dispensers, tires, etc. The name may be called high temperature aging test room or aging room.

The outer frame structure of this equipment is composed of double-sided color steel thermal insulation board. The size is customized according to customer requirements and configured according to different requirements. The aging room is mainly composed of a cabinet, a control system, a wind circulation system, a heating system, a time control system, and a test load. Through the aging test, defective products or defective parts can be detected, which provides effective means for customers to quickly find and solve problems, which fully improves customer production efficiency and product quality.

As the performance and environment of the aging room must ensure the required temperature, power quality, load capacity, working hours, and the safety and habits of the operator, a set of qualified aging equipment should be a safe, reliable, and efficient Energy-efficient, fully functional and scalable equipment.


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