Different kinds of electric kettle inspection:

Digital wifi kettle series
Glass electric kettle
Rotating Stainless Steel Electric Kettle
Rotating Plastic Electric Kettle
Plastic Electric Kettle
Ceramic Electric Kettle
Color Changing Rotating Electric Kettle
Electric Kettle With Water Window
Keep Warmer Electric Kettle
Immersed cord kettle
360 Degree Rotation Base Kettle
Insert Base Kettle
1.2L Electric Kettle
2.0L Electric Kettle
1.7L Electric Kettle

electric kettle inspection-kettle quality control:pot-boiler

Some common factors for electric kettles quality control:

Function test & specification description:

1.Hi voltage on accessible part: (at 1500V,0.5mA for 3sec)
2.Running test :Running for 4 hours
3.Cord strain relief check :3kg for 25 times
4.Earth continuity check:25A for 1second(<= 100m ohm)
5.Power cord length check:65cm
6.Internal check for workmanship
7.Rub check by water
8.Tape check by 3M tape
9.Boil time check
10.Switch OFFtemperature check
11.Critical component marking
12.Barcode readability check
13.Power consumption check ( 230Vac,50Hz)
14.Power On check
15.Function check
16.Transportation drop check
17.CE, ROHS, WEEE Location
18.Assembly with all accessories

china kettle quality control

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