Carpet quality Inspection:

Types:shaggy carpet/hand tufted carpet/carpet tiles/chenille rug/coral fleece carpet/mats

Carpet materials:Wool,Nylon,Olefin (Polypropylene),Polyester,Acrylic,Natural Fibre Carpets,Seagrass,Jute,Coir,Sisal  and coral fleece.  

Carpet Inspection Carpet-shaggy-carpet-hand-tufted-tiles-chenille-rug-coral-fleece-mats.html

Some workmanship checking points for carpet quality control:
1-Appearance: no indentations, broken, scratch, distortion, rust, crack, etc defects
2-Varieties, specifications, quality of the carpet,plastic materials and accessories shall be in accordance with the design requirements
3-The carpet is firm and the surface is smooth.
4- Color fastness
5- Needle detection test


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