Different kinds of Dental Supplies quality inspection:

(1) Equipment in the sprue
Commonly used oral inspection equipment: light curing equipment;Ultrasonic root canal treatment equipment;Dental pulp vitality measuring instrument;Root canal length measuring instrument;Root canal treatment of gear motor;Ultrasonic/sandblasting teeth cleaning machine;Whitening instrument;Silver mercury blending mixer;Amalgam filling equipment;Silver mercury conveyor;Resin filling equipment;Adhesive/acid corrosion system;Polishing equipment;Dam instruments;Hand clean governance;Scraping apparatus;Periodontal surgical instruments;High frequency electric knife etc.

2) Oral surgery, planting apparatus
Dental implants machine;Planting common instrument;Tooth extraction equipment;Electric surgical equipment;Surgical instruments.Ultrasonic knife;Saliva measuring equipment;Joint disease diagnosis and treatment equipment;First aid medicines and equipment;Negative pressure aspirator.The monitor;Tractor etc.

(3) Oral repair/mechanic equipment
Repair/mechanic commonly used instruments: laboratory pliers;Impression material mixer;Dental alloy frame;Wax model/type of equipment;Plane positioning device;Cad/CAM system;The mechanic workbench;The mechanic electric drill;Casting machine and accessories;Porcelain furnace;Sandblasting machine;In addition to wax electric oven;Welding equipment;Mixing/oscillators;Invisible denture equipment;Cook/teeth denture molding box;Polishing/grinding;Color plate;A nail machine lingual trimming machine;Gypsum trimming machine;Cleaning machine;Pour the concave viewer;;Spray gun/burner;Complex mode box;Mold base;Die nail;Cast circle;Model making related equipment;Wax and wax removal;Cast metal recycling equipment;;Abrasive and related tools;Vacuum forming machine;The mechanic common tools;Molten wax;Wax baking furnace;Preheating furnace;Hanging mill;Gold-plated machine;Gold deposition apparatus;Car porcelain machine;AGAR melt mixing machine;The mechanic vacuum cleaner;Wax press lines;Warranty card printer;Squeeze the aggregation all-in-one;Foot switch etc

(4) Orthodontics device instrument
Orthodontic pliers;A needle detector/crown scissors;Spot welding machine.The yarn forming;Braces locator;Reflector etc

(5)Oral care products
Toothbrush, toothpaste, tooth paste, paste, mouthwash and sugar-free gum, etc

Some common factors for Dental Supplies quality control

About dental supplies&oral care products'safety, health and quality requirements

Dental probe
1. Dental probe head taper well-balanced, tip sharp, no broken, pointed and distortion
2. Dental probe appearance without front edge burr.
3. Have good corrosion resistance
4. The head and the handle connection is firm, after drawing test no loose phenomenon

1. The forceps head two slice thickness for symmetry.
2. The tweezers for appearance is smooth, no front edge burr.
3. The tweezers should have good elasticity

The tray
Tray must not have noise points, burrs, cracks and holes

The scarf
1. The scarf paper-plastic composite system should be used to prevent leakage of liquid.
2. The scarf can not have noise points, burrs, cracks and holes.
3. The scarf can not have the structure and the peculiar smell

The mouth mirror
1. The joint of oral cavity mirror should be no loose phenomenon, in clinical use, the lens may not be broken.
2. The glittering and translucent and bright mirror requirements.

dental supplies quality inspection


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