Garden House quality Inspection:
Types: Garden House Inspection:Garden house/ garden shed/Tool house 
Material: Galvanized steel Garden house / glass garden house /aluminum garden house/wooden garden house
Garden House Inspection:Garden house/ garden shed/Tool house
Some workmanship checking points for garden house quality control:
1-Check that the parts are packed neatly inside the carton, and check that the parts will not damage during shipping and transportation. 
2-.Check the quality of the carton box.
3.Refer to the installation manual. Verify that all the parts are packed inside the carton and that the quantities correspond to the quantities as per the installation manual
4.Check that all parts are clearly marked and that the marks correspond to those in the installation manual.
5.Assemble sheds and check that all parts fit together nicely.
6. Check the package.
7. Check products for any workmanship defects(poor paiting, dents etc)

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