Different kinds of Hardware quality inspection:

1.Kitchen hardware, home appliances
1) drawer cabinets 2.kitchen pendant 3. sink, sink faucet 4.scrubbers 5. range hoods (Chinese, European) 6. gas stove 7. oven (electric, gas) 8. water heaters (electric, gas ) 9.pipelines, natural gas, liquefied tank 10. gas stove 11. dishwasher 12.sterilizer 13. Yuba 14. exhaust fan (top, window, wall) 15. water purifier 16.dry skin 17. food waste disposer

2. Decorative hardware category
1) casters 2.cabinet legs 3.door nose 4.duct 5.stainless steel trash can 6.metal hanging hold 7plugs, 8.curtain rods (copper, wood) 9. curtain rod rings (plastic, steel quality) 10.seals 11. lift racks12.coat hangers plumbing hardware category 13. plastic pip 14.tee 15.elbows 16. leakproof valve 17. ball valve 18. horoscopes valve 19. through valves 20. ordinary floor drain 21.washing machine dedicated to drain 22. a raw tape bathroom hardware 23.wash basin faucet 24. faucet washer 25. delay faucet 26. showers 27. soap dish holder 28.soap butterfly 29. single cup holder 30.single cup 31.dual cup holders 32. dual cup 33.towel rack 34. toilet brush bracket 35.toilet brush 36. single towel bar 37. double towel bar 38. single racks 39.Shelves 40. towel rack 41. Beauty mirror 42.  hanging mirror 43. soap dispenser 44.  dry hands

3.Building Decoration Hardware
1) galvanized iron pipes 2. stainless steel tube 3.plastic tube expander 4.rivet 5.concrete nails 6.advertising nails 7. nail mirror 8.bolts 9.self-tapping screws 10. Torr glass 11. glass clip 12. the insulating tape 13. aluminum ladders 14.goods Bracket Tools 15. hacksaw 16.hand saw blade 17.pliers 18.screwdrivers (word, cross) 19. tape measure 20. pliers 21. needle nose pliers 22.diagonal pliers 23. glass glue gun 24.straight shank twist drill 25.diamond drill 26. hammer drill 27.openings

Some common factors to check for Hardware quality control

1.Appearance of the structure

a) surface.Surface should be bright and uniform color and decoration layer conform to the requirements of the project file, there should be no stains, crack, burr,
Rust, surface float or defects such as peeling, scratches, pitting.
b) broken section of rusty spot can't more than 20% of the area of the cut off, and can't focus on one place.
c) hole and shaft.Stamping hole and shaft should be smooth, no sting or affect the assembly of the front.
d) shape.The shape of neat, there should be no visible deformation.
e) inspection method: using visual and touch inspection, shape and check with test and or positioning measurement

2. size

a) size including shape size and the main structure size. Overall dimensions and main structure should be consistent with standard sample or size. Meet the requirements of the relevant drawings screw hole size conform to the requirements of the relevant national standards
b) check method: use the projector, such as caliper, micrometer and steel rule for inspection.

3. Flatness (with flatness requirements of the product)
a) including engineering drawings / documents have flatness requirements plane. There planar flatness shall comply with the requirements of engineering drawings / text
Parts requirements.
b) inspection methods: check with a dial indicator or dial indicator.

4.Roughness (roughness inspection time)
a) engineering drawings / documents required include a flat-screen roughness. There roughness of the plane should be consistent with engineering drawings / text
Parts requirements.
b) inspection methods: comparison with roughness tester checks

hardware quality control


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