Different kinds of Home Decorations quality inspection:

(1)Art display: (1) art: painting, calligraphy, photography, sculpture and other works of art, its unique form, color is rich, often contains profound cultural background.(2) the arts and crafts, arts and crafts in quick hotel design types is various, rich in content, such as ceramic, glass, metal crafts, bamboo, straw,.chinese, wood carving, jade carving, shell carving, clay figurine, dough figurine, paper cutting, cloth art, mask, kites, sachets, ceramic crafts, desk lamp, the classical silver mirror, flowers and plants, etc.

(2)The souvenir, collectibles, honor certificates, trophies, MEDALS, gifts, from generation to generation shares belong to souvenirs.Specimens of antiques, stamps, flowers and birds, hunting trophies and folk wares, belong to the collection, the display can show culture, rich knowledge, edify sentiment.

(3)Fabric display: fabric display both practical, have very strong adornment sex again, generally, larger area of quick hotel design style, atmosphere and the influence of people's physiological and psychological feeling is very big, so when choosing the fabric, the color, pattern, texture and style, dimension should be according to the interior space of the whole situation into account.

(4)Drapery & curtains: it mainly includes the curtain, curtain, antependium, etc., have disjunctive space and keep out the line of sight, adjusting the light, dustproof, sound insulation and decoration space etc.

(5)Houseplant: afforestation in the modern quick hotel design has not a substitute for special effects.Greening opusculum become a space on the vision, also can absorb dust and improve indoor greening indoor microclimate, more importantly, indoor afforest make indoor environment full of vitality, bring natural breath, pleasing, rise to soften indoor artificial environment, in the high pace of modern society life people are harmonious, the role of psychological balance.

Some common factors to check for Home Decorations quality control

1.To check if each product that came out of production is free from defects, damages, cracks (for frames), wood chipping, metal dents, and other known damage factor during production to ensure that each home decorations product produced passes quality control standards.

2.To verify that each similar home decorations product have the same dimensions and weight to ensure that every item being produced is uniform to adhere to the quality guidelines set for home decorations products.

3.To verify that each piece of the home decorations product is free from damages and is complete with all the needed components to operate as expected to ensure that each component of the home décor product is working as expected and is ready for distribution.
Home Decorations quality inspection

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