We can offer detailed Juicer/juice extractor/blender quality control :

1. Inspection Criteria (Inspection plan, including AQL and inspection level)

2. Package information (Shipping mark, rating mark, labeling manual and packaging method)
2.1 Appearance check
2.2 Package check

3. Submitted sample (for color and style reference only)

4. Product specification (temp, capacity, rating power, cord length…etc)
4.1 Electrical Safety check
4.2 High voltage check
4.3 Earth continuity check

5. Critical components marking (for marking comparison only, not for verification of the components)

6. Functional and input power consumption check for :
     For Juicer inspection:
     Place the Juice bowl on shaft protruding from base body, fit the strainer dish with squeezer over shaft
    inside bowl.
    Apply rated voltage to the unit and record the power consumption in steady   condition.

 For Juice extractor inspection:
    Safety switch check
    Apply rated voltage to the unit and record the power consumption in steady condition.

For Blender quality control:
    Safety switch and speed switch check
    Apply rated voltage to the unit and fill it with water, record the power consumption in steady condition at
    all speeds.

7. Special check item ( Power on check ):

     For Juicer& Juice extractor& Blender:
     Apply rated voltage to the fully assembled unit.

 Juicer inspection/juice extractor/blender quality control


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