Shaver quality inspection:lady shaver-electric shaver-razor-ice shaver machine
Different kinds of shaver quality inspection:
Automatic cleaning system electric shaver,triple blade shaver,twin blade shaver,single blade shaver,rechargeable shaver,disposable shaver,old style razor,double edge shaver,
Waterproof electric male shaver,ladies underarm shaver,led light electric shaver,wet/dry battery shaver,stainless steel shaver,washable fabric shaver,four /three head electric shaver,mini ladies electric shaver,hotel razor
Shaver inspection:lady shaver-electric shaver-razor-ice shaver machine
Some common factors of shaver quality control:
1.Appearance quality:the surface of the product shouldn’t have visible defects(dirty,Scratch mark,etc)
3.Workmanship:defective list
4.Charging test
5.Packing & marking
6.Measurement :size & weight
7.Logo 3M Tape test
8.Release the razor cartridge
9.Basic function check 
10.Lock onto the razor cartridge

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