Many different kinds of Lights inspection:

1 Flood Lights
2 Tube Lights
3 high bay light
4 Panel lights
5 street light
6 downlights light
7 spotlight
8 candles
9 strip lights
10 light bulbs
11 par lamp
12 ceiling light
Other led lights

Lights inspection-lights quality control-zhongshan/wenzhou

Some general tests/checks for lights quality control

1     Hi-Pot test
 2     Function and Application test
 3     Assembly check
 4     Running test (power on)
 5     Fatigue Test for all buttons or adjustable parts
 6     Torque test
 7     Earth Continuity check
 8     Internal check
 9     Power cord strain relief test (for European) /pull test (for US)
 10   Tape check on silk-screen/painting/electroplate
 11   Rub check on rating label
 12   Power cord strain relief test (lighting)
 13   Carton drop test
 14   Smell test
 15   Color comparison check
 16   Polarity test for US market
 17   Life test
 18   Stability test
 19   Fitness check for lamp and lamp holder
 20   Lumens test
 21   Vibration test
 22   Power consumption of bulb
 23   Luminous efficiency check for energy safe bulb
 24   High and low temperature working test
 25   Color temperature of bulb check
 26   Reliability Test for all lamps
 27   Spare bulb checking
 28   Power consumption check (input power)
 29   Pull test: (collar and lamp holder) --light chain
 30   Pull test: (Supply cable and plug) --light chain
 31   Series connection test

lights quality control

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