Different kinds of Lock quality inspection:

According to the shape:
Straight:(definition: in a broad sense lock appearance for a line lock for a word, including common word lock, lock and computer) a word we say normally lock is not including computer key lock

Two sides: (definition: keyhole there are two rows of the billiard lock, the lock is a computer key lock "as the name implies, is the key is the key to punch made with a computer, the surface a bit of computer key, the lock step including Yang double row bead card inserted core locks also is a kind of computer key lock.)

Three sides: (definition: keyhole there are two rows of the billiard lock, the lock is a computer lock "as the name implies, is the key is the key to punch made with a computer, this key surface is a little bit of all key lock for computer, including three bomb bead step Yang three-dimensional kappa inserted core lock door lock is a computer key lock)

Four sides: (definition: lock all around with marbles, such as cross lock, cylinder lock and so on, contains some computer lock)

Cylindrical: (defined; for cylindrical keyhole, distribution around four marbles, some no marbles, such as cylindrical magnetic locks, etc)

The semi-circular: (lock appearance is half round, such as the crescent of semicircle KaBa semicircle lock, lock and safe security semicircle lock, etc.)

Polyhedral model: (lock hole distribution around four more marbles, such as plum blossom lock, etc.)

Combination lock: (definition: through digital combination to open the lock combination lock)

Special lock: (definition: lock appearance is not common lock)

Side column type (such as column locks protect nickelodeon locks, outside and inside edge column SuoJin point atoms and bilateral column he lock lock lock, etc.)

According to the material: wood locked, golden, silver, bronze lock, cable lock, cloisonne lock, etc

According to the form of points, with circular, square lock, lock lock, lock the pillow, characters, animals, locks, trick lock lock, dark locks, lock, gun barrel lock, etc

Combination lock: mechanical combination lock, combination lock, Safe combination lock, mechanical combination lock, electronic trick lock, the brush card trick lock, the fingerprint class combination lock

Some common factors to check for Lock quality control

Key bitting:
The key is complete, with the bunch of keys tooth shape is consistent, can open the same locks.
2. Each group's key lock of number of key differs shall be not less than 72 (including different slot type).
3. There is no same Key bitting for each carton

1. The structure of the billiard locks, shall be equipped with not less than 4 special-shaped marbles.
2. The abnormity of billiard difference, to change in length as difference, the difference value shall not be less than 0.5 mm, with Angle changes as the difference, the difference value shall not be less than 15 °.
3. Lock the locks shall be the bomb substructure or composite structure.
4. After magnetic marbles in 49 n under static load, shall not fall off.Magnetic induction intensity of the heat, vibration, shock, drop test, after induction of falling not more than 10% before the test.

Coded number:
A level, the key content of the night lock should be not less than 6 x 104 kinds of, A number of differences in exchange.
The key content of the B level, the night lock should be not less than 3 x 104 kinds, differences in exchange for two.
Open the mechanical anti-theft lock with a key, the actual production of the available keys, should not be less than 40 ﹪ of the theory of key

Mutual opening rate:
1. The billiard sampling number is 50, the test time is not more than 45 min, conducted by five people group.Many marbles sampling number is 100, test time is not more than 180 min, by 10 people group.
2. A level less than or equal to 0.003%;B less than or equal to 0.001%.

The key of torque:
Key into the locks, in 3 n. m under the action of torque, the key should be no obvious deformation and damage

The key insertion force:
Single row ball less than or equal to 8 n, billiard less than or equal to 14n

Locks prevent pull:
1. The outer thread and lock body after screwing in meet with requirements, when screwing in locks lock body, under 3000 n of static tension, no sliding tooth and tripping phenomenon.
2. The structure of locks should be not less than one for safety device

Lock quality inspection

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