Ladders quality inspection:Multi-purpose ladders-folding ladders-telescopic ladders
Different kinds of ladders quality inspection:
Aluminum ladders
step ladders
rope ladders
fibre glass ladders
colored stainless steel cable ladders
household ladders
folding step ladders
agility ladders
single straight ladders
Portable ladders
swimming pool step ladders
fire escape ladders

Ladders inspection-ladders quality control: Multi-purpose ladders-folding ladders-telescopic ladders

Some common factors for ladders quality control:

1.Appearance :the surface shouldn’t have visible defects.(dent ,scratch,dirty mark etc)
2.Data measurement: size&weight
3.Workmanship:defective list
4.Barcode Scan
5. Install check 
7.Loading test 
8.Basic function check


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