Office appliances quality inspection:copiers,file shredder,printer,scanner
Different kinds of office appliances quality inspection
Copier :general copiers,fax copiers,photo copiers,colour copiers,multifunction copiers,toner copiers,digital copiers;
File shredder: card shredder,paper shredder,plastic shredder;
Printer :Laser printer,barcode printer,desk jet printer,pos printer,multifunction printer,all in one Printer,label printer,thermal printer;
Scanner:barcode scanner,3d scanner,portable scanner,document scanner,film scanner,flatbed Scanner;
Office appliances inspection:copiers-file shredder-printer-scanner
Some common factors for office appliances quality control:
1.Appearance quality:the surface of the product shouldn’t have visible defects(dirty,Scratch mark,etc)
3.Workmanship:defective list
4.measurement :size & weight
5.Barcode test
6.Logo 3M Tape test
8.Basic function test 
9. Power supply system test
10.the connection with computer test
11.speed test
12.Function test(quality of scanning, printing,copy etc)


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