Different kinds of paint brushes and rollers inspection:
Paint Brush
paint brush kits
brush set
floor brush
wool paint brush
Round Paint Brush
Roller Cover
wool paint brush
ceiling brush / wall brush
paint roller frame
Paint roller brush
Paint Roller Trays
Extension rod
Sponge brush
Artist Brush
Wire Brush
Paint Scraper
Masking tape
Polishing Tools
Glue Gun
brushes and rollers quality inspection
Some common factors for paint brushes and rollers quality control:
1. Bristle:
height (±2mm) 
must be filled in evenly along width
must set firmly in its metal cartridge (to check this one must pull bristle out with an adequate
force used to apply when painting) 
must have straight edge 
material (artificial, natural, mixed)
2. Metallic cartridge:
must not have rusty traces
must be fixed with 2 rivets / cramps on each side
must fit tightly to the handle, without gaps between them
Appearance of a sticker must coincide with that of Specification
dimensions in accordance with Technical Data Sheet (Specification)
symmetrical form of a front view flat in side view hole of defined diameter and precise
position on the handle surface
perfectly printed logo, without blurs
smooth and polished surface without burrs

length and outer diameter (±2mm)
exact inner diameter 8 mm
textile fiber height and density must be constant  through the sleeve length
material (polyamide) is smooth to the touch
6.Sleeve handle
must not have rusty traces
metal rod must be smoothly polished
metal and plastic part must fit tightly without gaps between them
hole of defined diameter and precise position on the handle surface
Paint-roller-brush-Bristles-wall brush quality control

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