Some common factors for Mouse/speaker/Keyboard quality control:

Keyboard quality inspection:

1.appearance: To check Keycap whether there is thrust fault, different color, spots, keys or shell smudgy, keycap scratches, shake, shake, skewed, keys printing bad, have burrs

2. Keyboard flat test: the keyboard on the front end bracket and support,knock corners of keyboard with the hand.  Keyboard are requested not to have the abnormal phenomenon such as jitter

3. A. Handle inspection: the special-shaped key handle: handle all round ends or cannot have the card key, crude sense etc. Bad phenomenon
    B.With balance beam key touch: the blank space, big return, upper right shift key can't swing, noisy

mouse quality inspection:

1.General appearance:Check the product appearance whether there is dirty, scratch, shrink, the beatles feng, bad color and paint is not equal

2. flatness: place the product on the glass, use hand still observe the presence of sloshing phenomenon or exceed the standards

3. Cable: A. the color of the CABLE, head type is in accordance with the specifications. And with a tape measure length conformed to the specification requirements..
               B,check whether there is dirty, broken, scratches, PIN needle slanting, bad rust

4.Tapping machine/shaking machine inspection:To take the Mouse  to tap twice on the mattress, then pick up the product ontology in the ear again after shaking, check the product has no ring, impuritie

5. press keytest: A. place the MOUSE on the PAD, the natural with the hand holding down the MOUSE, and then click MOUSE button before the table, each in his fingers two-thirds each part (generally according to three times per buttons), test button feels good do you have any idle motion and click sound and key electrical dysfunction

                           B. the test program screen buttons have corresponding reverse action, there is stability and flashing phenomenon.

speaker quality inspection:

1.Structure: structure, appearance is consistent with samples or specifications book requirements

2.Lead pin: length in accordance with samples and specifications

3.Iron shell: there can be no oxidation, rust have burrs

4.Rubber cushion: dust-proof cotton and rubber cushion not packing, broken

5.Wire: skin not cut mark, burns, dew copper etc

6.Insulation paste: can't have not fully cover solder joints

7.Dust-proof sponge: the cohesive  and strength should be good

8.Shrapnel: there can be skewed, high and low is differ, deformation

mouse quality inspection

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