Different kinds of Sports goods quality inspection:

1. Fitness equipment, instruments: Treadmills, stepping machines.
2. Sports equipment, instruments: grip strength, arm strength, etc.
3. Competition project supplies: such as: soccer, basketball, volleyball,
table tennis, tennis, baseball, softball, squash, bowling, billiards, golf and
chess, chess, poker, and other various items supplies.
4. Sports safety: such as ski goggles, wrist knee pads, protective glasses,
 mirrors riding, basketball glasses.
5. Sportswear: such as sports gloves, shoes, socks, sports apparel, sports
caps, sports accessories.
6. Outdoor sports and leisure goods:such as tents, sleeping bags, folding
chairs, mountaineering bags, sports watches, binoculars, etc.
7. Sports stadiums: such as venues and facilities, venues and facilities,
playground facilities, stadiums and lighting, sound and so on.
8. Other sporting goods: such as sports nutrition, sports drinks, souvenirs,
 trophies, medals, sports books, sports magazines, sports video products

Some common factors to check for sports goods quality control

Measurement of roundness
Determination of rebound height
Dynamic Impact test method
Test conditions and sample preparation
Circumference and poor measurement
Safety performances
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Sports goods quality inspection- kneecap quality inspection

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