Stone Inspection: Tiles Mosaic Slabs Panel Countertop Tombstones

Appearance Inspection

Material Appearance Inspection: Color, Texture, Spots, Color Lines, uniform crystal / grain structure etc.
Surface Finishing Inspection: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Bush Hammered, Tumbled, Natural Cleft, Bevel Edge etc.
Other Defects Checking: Scratches, Cracks, Broken Edges, Chip Edges, Pin holes, swirl marks, Repairs etc.
Other production process:  Degree of polish, Flatness, Angle of straight edge

Size and Specification Inspection

It includes the checking of the length, width, and thickness within the approval tolerance; the diagonal length, angle control etc.

Stone Inspection Tiles Mosaic Slabs Panel Countertop Tombstom
stone quality control

Types Of Stone Inspection

Granite  Marble Sandstone Limestone Onyx Quarzite Travetine Slate   

Cargo Packing Condition Inspection

As stone product is heavy cargo and easy to be damaged during the transportation, so the packing condition is really important. Cargo packing condition
inspection includes the checking of packing material, packing quality, packing mark, strength of the packing crate etc.

Stone quality Inspection granite Countertop marble Slab Tile Tombstome

stone quality control in china quanzhou,xiamen,fuping,wuhan,shanghai,laiwu

Ranges for stone quality control

Arch    Culture Stone    Door Surround    Fireplace    Pillars
Railings & Balustrade    Stairs & Steps    Stone Border & line    Wall Panel Window Surroundings
Kitchen & Bathroom
Counter Top    Sinks & Basin    Vanity Top    Shower Room    Bath Tub
Artistic Stonework
Animal Sculpture    Person Sculpture     Abstractive Sculpture    Embossment    Etching
Shadow Engraving    Temples    Tower    Others    

Slabs & Strip
Granite    marble    Artificial Stone     Standstone    Limestone
travertine    Lava    Onyx    Others    

Laminated Panel
Marbke Panel Series    Granite Panel Series    Mosaic Panel Series     Others    

Tombstones & Monument
Western style    Japanese style    Korean style    Chinese style    Monuments
Tombstone Accessories    Urn    Others    
Cobble & Gravel & Sand    Cobble & Gravel & Sand    Cubic stone    Flagstone    Kerb
Mustroom Stone    Parking Stone    Paving Stone    Others    

Bridge    Drinking Fountain    Fountain & Floating Ball    Water Drip    Flower Pot & Vase
Gates & Fence    Lanterns    Mailbox    Stone Ball    Sign
Table & Chair    Gazebo & Patio     Rockery    Others    

Granite Medallion    Marble Medallion    Granite & Marble Medallion    Others    

Tony    Mosaic Tile    Mosaic Pattern    Mosaic Border    Mosaic Artistic Drawing
Tiles & Cut to Size
Granite    marble    Artificial Stone     Standstone    Tony
Slate    travertine    Lava    Onyx    Others

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