Different kinds of eye glasses/eyewears/sunglasses inspection:

Bifocal reading glasses, One Injection reading glasses, Folding reading glasses, Metal reading glasses, Plastic reading glasses, LED light reading glasses, Eyewear Optical Frame Memory Optical Frame, Titanium Optical Frame, Stainless Steel Optical Frame, Safety glasses, Kid's Sunglasses, Promotion sunglasses, Metal Sunglasses, Plastic sunglasses, Clip on &Flip up polarized sunglasses, Acetate Optical Frames, Ultem Optical Frame, Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses, Novelty Party Sunglass, Rectangle Sunglass, Wayfarer sunglass, Aviator Metal sunglass, Cat Eye Sunglass, Round Sunglasses
sunglasses inspection

Some general tests/checks for sunglasses quality control:

Glasses Frame
 High dimensional stability
 Tensile properties
 Deformed nose
 Lens clamping force
 Coating adhesion
 Anti-sweat corrosion
sunglasses quality control

Some general tests/checks for Sunglasses:

Lens material and tables
Surface quality
Partial spherical vertex
Vertex partial cylinder
Deviation prism
Light transmittance
UV spectrum
Color limit
Traffic signal transmission
UV performance
Impact resistance

eyeglasses quality control -The alignment of the sunglasses checking

Some general tests/checks for Optical resin glasses:

The first principal meridian
Partial spherical vertex
The second main meridian plane
Partial spherical vertex
Deviation prism
Material and surface quality
Lens diameter
The thickness of the reference point
Index of refraction
Dispersion coefficient
Visible Transmittance
UV performance
Yellow Index
UV performance
Impact resistance

Some general tests/checks for Reading glasses:

Visible Transmittance
Partial spherical vertex
Vertex partial cylinder
Two lens vertex
Mutual poor

eyeglasses quality control -Temple &frame flexible test


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