Different kinds of umbrella inspection:

Beach Umbrellas,Garden Umbrellas,Golf Umbrellas,Straight Umbrellas,Folding Umbrella,Kids Umbrella,Fishing Umbrellas,Gazebo,Umbrella Base,Head Umbrella,Bamboo paper umbrella,Red wedding umbrella,Stick Umbrella,section Umbrella,Poe umbrella,Advertising umbrella,Bottle umbrella,Bag umbrella,Color change umbrella,Lover umbrella,LED umbrella,Printing umbrella,Parasol umbrella,Patio umbrella,Transparent umbrella

Some common factors to check for umbrella quality control:

1. Appearance requirements
2. Size
3. Product integrity requirements
4. Parachute in from disk stability
5. Use safety requirements
6. Switching performance
7. Automatic parachute force
8. Umbrella pole and umbrellas fastness
9. Umbrella pole wind strength
10.Switching cycles without failure Contact
11.Rain Performance
13.Umbrella rib
15.Umbrella UV certification check
16.Open/close check

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