Different kinds of Wigs quality inspection:

Material: synthetic; kankekare, human hair

Human hair :

1. Indian hair, Chinese hair, Vietnamese hair, Burmese hair, Xingjian vigor hair
2. Remy hair, non-remy hair, virgin hair
3. lace wig, human hair full lace wig, human hair front lace wig, toupee,hair pieces, hair weft,clip weft,adhesive weft PU,PU weft,cap layout,cap style, hair extension,I-tip hair extension,nail hair, micro ring loop hair extension,U-tip hair extension, pre—bonded hair extension,glue hair extension, keratin hair extension, hair bulk 


synthetic fiber machine make wig, synthetic fiber front lace wig

Some common factors for wigs quality control:

1.Hair color, hair should be uniform density, mechanism line color and color the same color.
2. Monochromatic colors should be consistent.
3. Same product color hair hand induction is consistent, no hair loss phenomenon.
4. Curvature should be natural, soft and elastic.
5. Should wear comfortable, good air permeability.At the bottom should be the overall smooth, color should be 6. coordinated natural material.
7. Should be clean, no foreign body
8. Simulation should be soft, scalp needle and thread
9. Hair should be connected the nature.
10. Head cap should be full, issuing from the uniform.
11. Hand-woven weave density should be the simulation of natural products.
12. Technical indicators
13. Quality deviation rate should be greater than 4%.
14. Complete the negative deviation should be no greater than 10 mm length
15. Moisture regain

wigs quality inspection

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