Car wheel quality inspection: alloy car wheel, aluminum auto wheel, steel wheel
Different kinds of car wheels:
alloy wheel,customized aluminum wheel,car steel wheel rim, solid Tyre rubber wheel, car trailer wheels,high performance car alloy wheel, sport rim car wheels,aftermarket weld racing car wheel, chrome car rims wheels with machined lip, stable performance car wheels
Car Wheel inspection:alloy auto wheel,aluminum,steel wheel qc
Some common factors for car wheel quality control:
1.Appearance quality:decals should be good,foams combination should be good,material surface,the weld surface shouldn’t have visible defects.
2.Mounting dimensions,type size&weight
3.The screw thread
4.The quality of coating: coating thickness, corrosion resistance ability
5.Structure performance: the connection should be solid, not loose, should be no jam phenomenon of rotary
7.Hardness test


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