Artificial Flower AQL Check in Kunming City

PSI process for artificial flower product;

Randomly Selected Samples:
AQL sampling inspection is a statistical method that randomly selects a small number of products (samples) from a batch of products for inspection to determine whether the batch of products are qualified.

Artificial Flower final inspection

Product quality inspection;
Product workmanship, color, specifications, function, barcode, etc will be checked based on customer’s requirements.

Artificial Flower final inspection

Measured data(Product size,Outer Carton size)

Artificial Flower final inspectionArtificial Flower final inspection

Special test for light products.

1.Rubbing test
2.Smell test
3.Barcode Scan
4.Carton drop test
5.Bonding strength test
6.Shake check
7.Pull check
8.Bent check
Artificial Flower final inspectionPacking check(color box,out cartons.)

Checking whether the package is fit for transport and meets customer requirements

Artificial Flower final inspection

Inspection Report
Once the pre-shipment inspection is completed, a report will be provided within 24 hours, an overview of key findings, and a detailed account of the inspection results. All the original photos, videos, original testing data are contained, so you can see exactly what was discovered.