Different kinds of toothbrush inspection:

1.The ordinary toothbrush:
   Brush head shape:
   The square brush head
   Diamond shaped brush head
2.The arrangement of the bristles
   Flat shape
3.Brush holder
  Straight shank
  The crank
  The elastic handle
  Non-slip handle
4. Brush
  brush multi-purpose made from nylon.Can be divided into two kinds, ordinary wire and    dupont wire
5.electric toothbrush
6. House type toothbrush

Some common factors for toothbrush quality control:

Brush handle 

1. surface clean, smooth appearance is complete, there is no visible impurities, crack and bubble diameter greater than 1 mm.
1.1 brush handle color, model is consistent with the process single material stipulated ratio, degree of finish is consistent with the sample.
1.2 brush a head shape should be smooth, no sharp edge, no burr:
1.3  brush handle pitch, length is consistent with the standard.

2.the bristles
2.1 brush hair clean and tidy, straight, hair bundle light is appropriate, grinding MAO comply with monofilament percent of pass.
2.2 flocking pattern with the sample, the craft is single consistent, flocking corresponding to the iron is consistent with the process list.Grinding lanatoside form, highly consistent with the process list.
2.3 brush must be clean, no YouMao, eye, hypotrichosis, iron plant light, bad hair, with hair, black hair, wool, long and short hair, no flowers, no length, the phenomenon such as plant, color is wrong.
2.4 grinding hair, tips and will not clog the outline is clear and smooth, tips and will not clog the ground round, beautiful form is correct and complete to cut the bad, no dislocation phenomenon such as flower.

3 hot stamping, pad printing quality standard:
3.1 stamping quality standard: the tooth brush handle after hot stamping, no deformation, damage and other adverse phenomenon;After hot stamping font, no deformation, reprint, unclear, incomplete or font, font, burrs and other bad phenomenon around font moderate position (or standard) by craft symmetry, the thickness.
3.2 Pad printing quality standard: toothbrush after pad printing, font, no deformation, as well as the edges, burrs, wild ink, ink font color shade is appropriate, appropriate font position, even thickness and beautiful, and the clear and complete

toothbrush inspection; toothbrush quality control


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