Different kinds of household ceramics quality inspection:

Mug ,Meat Plate, Round-edge ,Soup Plate ,Tea cup .Tea Saucer ,Creamer ,Bowl ( Rice pot , Fan-zong) ,Coffee cup/ Saucer ,Tea cup/Saucer, Milk pot ,Salad Bowl ,Shaker ,Tureen, Duck bowl, Rice Bowl ,Rice bowl Flaring, Rice bowl rope, Saucer, thick body ,Bowl with cover ,Cylindrical Decor ,Tea Pot,Persimmon Shape No. 2, Plate with handle/ heat plate,thick4.5” Rice Bowl Flaring 4.5`,Platter ,Vase ,Fish Bowl ,Fruit Plate, Deep Plate,Pepper Jar ,pepper cellar, Salt Jar, Salt sellar ,Seasoning Dish, Food Mixing Bowl, Table wares Set ,Teacup with saucer, Christmas Toys, Porcelain figuring ,Mask ,Oval plate ,Meat Plate ,assorted plate ,Flat Plate,Soup Plate,Fleur bouquet,Candle holder ,Vase open-work,flower pot 

household ceramics inspection-ceramics quality inspection:mug/cup/Soup Plate/Bowl/flower
Some common factors for household ceramics quality control:

1.Size & Diviation
2.Straightness of Sides
3.Straight Angle
4.Surface Quality 
5.Water Absorption 
6.Breaking Strength
7.Rupture Modulus
8.Glaze Cracking Resistance
9.Frost Resistance
10.Stain Resistance
11.Household Chemical Reagent Resistance 
12.Thermal Shock Resistance
13.Acid Resistance
14.Alkali Resistance
15.Friction Coefficient
16.Thermal Expansion Coefficient 
17.Impact Resistance

ceramics quality control


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