Different kinds of computer accessories quality inspection:

1. Input devices: such as keyboard, mouse, gamepad, microphone, camera, tablet, Headset and so on.

2. Output devices, such as monitors, speakers and so on.

3. Data processing equipment: guess you want to know this stuff, which is contained inside the computer chassis content.Inside the chassis generally include: motherboard, cpu, memory, video card, sound card, network card (Currently, most motherboard integrated sound card, network card, there are integrated graphics), hard drives, optical drives, etc.

4. Other devices, such as cpu fan, power supply, etc.

Some common factors to check for computer accessories quality control

1. The workmanship of Motherboard: The most shortcut way is visual. Look with your eyes motherboard workmanship is exquisite, four-and six-story plywood naturally not fake, look at the sun, it proved its opaque shielding performance is quite good. The poor and even double layer board is a board you can see, this is very poor quality plates welded confusion traces simply can not know, do not leave strange.

2. Components of Motherboard: Slot materials, Capacitance materials, Interface recognition, Optional motherboard battery

3. Design structure of motherboard: Focus is to look at the structure and design of the primary analysis of its board line layout is reasonable, whether beneficial to install other accessories and cooling, which in itself is not designed to meet the needs of the future may be an upgrade installation, etc.

computer accessories quality inspection

computer accessories quality control


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